10 tips to attain an incredible muscle definition


There are many ways and a set of shared principles to take into account when it comes to reaching a good muscle definition. Defining the muscles is removing the layer of grass that’s on the skin’s surface and that task requires commitment. Even if it isn’t your goal to participate in competitions, you can always improve your muscle definition. If you want to be fit for the summer, you need to start working way before that. These basic tips will help you follow a better path to reach long-lasting results.

1. Change your workout routine.

To get the results you want, you should change your workout plan. Focus on aerobic exercises to activate the metabolism and to be able to burn more calories. Slow down the intensity of anaerobic exercises. Decrease the load and increase speed when you perform the movements during the exercises, so you can attain a more toned muscle while you lose fat.

2. Drink more water.

Probably one of the most important tips. The benefits are huge, helps with the good functioning of the kidneys and the digestive system, hydrates the body, the skin, eliminates toxins, decreases liquid retentions, etc. The ideal is to drink about 2 to 3 liters of water per dat. You can also choose diuretic teas, even though they aren’t as good as water in its pure state. Consider taking a good multivitamin supplement, because drinking a lot of water may cause your body to eliminate a few ions, which may lead to a deficit of vitamins and minerals in your body over the time.

3. Sauna.

When you do it, your body temperature increases without you needing to make any physical effort; you will sweat and avoid a possible catabolism, and at the same time, you will be eliminating water and sodium. The trick is to drink water as your release toxins. After a few weeks, you will notice that your sweat won’t be as salty. This is how you know your body is retaining fluids.

4. Don’t use too much salt.

It is no good drinking big amounts of water if you’re ingesting way too much sodium. The body only needs 2000-2500mg of sodium a day to complete its metabolic functions. The excessive usage brings problems related to muscle definition and to your overall health. If you can, replace salt for seasonings like garlic, ginger, pepper, chive, etc.

5. Avoid the consumption of milk and dairy products.

We find it a lot in our diet, but the truth is it stimulates the accumulation of fat, not because it is a protein source, but because it hampers digestion and causes subcutaneous retention (thick skin), because most people don’t produce the enzyme lactase to digest lactose.

6. Restrict carb intake, but don’t completely eliminate it.

A diet high in simple and highly processed carbs causes a quick increase of blood sugar levels in the blood and spikes insulin levels, which doesn’t only decrease fat loss, but promotes fat storage as well. Avoid the intake of carbs at night. Divide them into small daily servings, in the most important moments of the day: when you wake up, before and after working out. Ex: fruits, vegetables, oat, quinoa, brown rice.

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7. Use healthy fats and high biological value proteins.

When you decrease the number of calories to get definition, it is normal for your body to burn small amounts of aminoacids from protein or from the muscle itself, in order to generate energy. However, to avoid this loss, you should increase protein consumption at this stage.
Have, at least, 30g of protein with each meal. Do not ignore the intake of healthy fats (20-30% of the daily calories).

Healthy fats: nuts, chestnuts, avocado, olive oil, etc.
High biological value protein: eggs, meat, chicken, fish, etc.
Avoid processed foods because they contain a high amount of sodium, sugar and chemical preservatives. Ex: sausages, bacon, pizza, chicken stock, etc.

8. Avoid spending too many hours without eating.

Eat small servings of low caloric foods every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism accelerated and to promote fat burn.

9. Use a fat burner.

As soon as you have an established nutritional base, you can add a supplement to help you speed up your metabolism to burn fat during the workout.
Use your supplements in a cyclic way to keep its efficiency.

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10. Break your diet every once in a while.

Over the time, every diet ends up affecting the metabolism, by slowing it down. The cheat meal day has been adopted to break the metabolism when you have been following a strict diet for too long. In order to have your metabolism react the way you’re expecting it to react, choose a day to get out of your routine and eat anything you want (while paying attention to the amounts). Besides being healthy for the brain, you won’t be destroying the results you reached; you will only be recharging thyroid hormones that are affected by prolonged fat loss diets. This isn’t valid if you’ve started your diet the previous week.


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