3 strength exercises with the Kettlebell to build more muscle


The Kettlebell is an accessory used in weight training that can be part of any athlete’s workout plan, whether they wish to lose weight or increase muscle mass. If you want to speed up your metabolism, improve your mobility, reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass and reach an above-average performance and strength, working out with a kettlebell is a great option. Besides that, it helps to improve your posture, your performance in other sports, improves the strength in your joints and may even prevent muscle injuries.

What barbells, bars and Kettlebells have in common is the fact that they work the muscles intensely. Some more than others. The kettlebells work the muscles in a complex way, that is, each movement comprises a wide range of muscle groups, promoting muscle definition through balance, strength and coordination while you’re executing the exercises. As for bars, for example, they tend to isolate the muscle, not working the body’s balance and functionality as much, increasing a specific muscle. Everything depends on each person’s specific goals.

Try working out with a Kettlebell just to break from your routine. Take a look at these 3 exercises:

Weight varies accordingly to the gender and physical condition.

Women: 8, 12 and 16 kg Kettlebell
Men: 16, 20 and 24 kg Kettlebell

1. Kettlebell Swing (20kg) (you can choose a lighter weight).

3 sets
10 reps

Works the back and quads.

Flex your legs and separate them a little bit from your shoulders. Place the weight on the floor, in front of your body, grab it with both hands and push your hips backwards. Swing the kettlebell between the legs and, using a lot of strength, push the hips forward, raising the kettlebell towards your chest. Your forearms should touch the inner thigh. Repeat the movement as many times as necessary.

swing kettlebell

2. Kettlebell front squat

3 to 5 sets
10 reps

Works thighs, glutes and abs.

Your legs should be a little over your shoulder-width line. The torso should be straight. Hold the kettlebell through the handle (one hand on each side). Keep your elbows flexed and hold the kettlebell near your chest. Push the glutes towards the back and bend the quads as if you were going to sit in a chair. Keep your head high and your chest facing forward. Squat as much as you can, keeping your feet on the floor. Don’t let the knees go over your toe-line.
Get up, push your heels against the floor. On top of the movement, contract the glutes and the abs. Repeat the process.

agachamento kettlebell

3. Kettlebell Turkish Get Up

3 to 5 sets
8-10 reps

Works shoulders, core and legs.

On the floor, lie down on your back, flexing your left leg. Lift the weight with your left hand and use the right arm as support to get up. Keep the weight above your shoulder. Forming a line with the quads, keep your support arm aligned with your shoulder.
After that, lean on your right knee. Standing, take your support arm off the floor. Do the reverse movement to get back to the floor, keeping your arm raised and stretched the whole time. After completing the set, switch sides.

turkish kettlebell


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