6 effective physical activities to work legs and glutes


It’s the final countdown for the summer and there’s still a lot of work to do at the gym. It is imperative to lose as much fat as you can and to sculpt your body so you can be in great shape for the bathing season. That said, we’re officially at that stage where we need to really focus on cardio workouts to be able to improve results. Let’s focus on these two areas that are connected and that can be worked simultaneously: legs and glutes.

First of all, if you have accumulated fat in your glutes, you should start by eliminating the consumption of refined sugars, saturated fats and alcohol. Cakes, sweets and alcoholic beverages affect mainly the hip zone, legs and glutes and are also the main factors that cause cellulite.

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The next step is selecting a range of physical activities that are effective for fat and volume loss and that work your resistance at the same time.

– Rope jumping

While rope jumping, you burn, on average, 15 calories per minute. This exercise helps to work the calves and the thighs. Besides that, it is an activity that helps to develop motor coordination. Between each jump, you should put your feet on the ground (completely) and not just the tips.

– Spinning/Cycling/RPM

Depending on your resistance and speed, this activity may burn between 250 – 500 calories in 30 minutes. It is the type of exercise to get you those well-shaped legs and firm glutes.

– Running

This activity can help you lose, on average, 20 calories per minute, depending on your rhythm. Alternating between walking and running is a good method for everyone who wants to lose body fat and strengthen their legs and glutes (to activate the glutes, add a little inclination to the treadmill and contract this whole area)

Try to complete this 25 minute interval training.
If you can’t do it, try walking at a fast rhythm, for 30 minutes.

Warm up: 4 minutes – very low intensity

Time: 25 minutes

Workout: 18 minutes (30 seconds moderate intensity + 1min30s low intensity + 30s strong intensity + 1min30s low intensity + 30s very strong intensity + 1min30s low intensity – repeat 3 times)

Recovery: 3min very low intensity

HEART RATE        From 50% to 55% of the MCF         From 60% to 65% of the MCF         From 70% to 75% of the MCF           From 80% to 85% of the MCF        From 90% to 95% of the MCF

To calculate your MCF (maximum cardiac frequency):

Accordingly to a study conducted by the Northwestern University, Chicago, women should use a new formula to find out their MCF.

-Calculate 88% of your age. If you’re, for example, 20 y.o.: 88×0.20=17.6
-Subtract the result from 206. MCF: 206-17.6=188.4
-To exercise between 60% and 65% of the MCF, calculate: if your MCF is 188.4, the formula is: 188.4×0.60 (113) and 188.4×0.65 (122). This means, your heart rate should vary between 113 and 122 times per minute.

– Aerobics

It is an activity that may works every muscle in your body, but gives a special attention to the legs, quads and glutes. In 30 minutes, you can burn up to 400kcal; everything depends on the effort you put into the exercises.

– Bodyjump/powerjump

It is an activity that involves jumping and that burn, per hour, about 600kcal. A 50 minutes cycle class allows your body to keep burning calories ‘till about 1h30 after working out. Super effective to get you those well-defined legs and glutes in the long term.

– Zumba

This activity is based on latin dances and has aerobic characteristics. It is really fun and it’s very popular right now. Each zumba class lasts about 45 – 60 minutes and during that time you’ll be jumping, moving your arms, legs, hips, being able to use your whole body in a combination of aerobic exercises with body resistance exercises.
The number of calories you can burn in a zumba session depends on the intensity you put into the movements and on the amount of time during which you exercise. The amount of calories you can burn goes from 500 to 800 per class, but scientifically, there is no study that states this energetic expenditure. This way, you can only compare activities with the same characteristics, like aerobics, where a person who weighs between 65-70kg spends, on average, 500kcal.

How many hours per week?

At least, three hours per week to start seeing results in a short period of time. You should also add to your workout other specific exercises for the glutes, and other exercises for the legs.


Complete your workout session with these three things:

– Finish your shower with cold water on your legs, that’ll help to activate the blood flow;
– Use an exfoliator and massage your legs and glutes;
– Apply a generous layer of moisturizer on your body.

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