Seven glute exercises


Every woman dreams about having those eye-rolling toned muscles, but that implies some dedication and persistence. The “perfect glutes 2014” mission starts now and there’s a lot of work to do. The exercises we recommend are simple and perfect to do at home, so no more excuses.

If your goal is to tone up you glutes, you need to increase the number of reps and decrease the weight (ex: 3 sets of 30 reps). If you want to increase volume in you glutes (muscle mass), then you should reduce the number of reps and put in some more weight (ex: 3 sets of 12/12/8). To obtain results as quickly as possible and to burn about 350 calories, do a 30 minute workout at least 3 times a week, on alternate days.

Are exercises with ankle straps good?

Using ankle straps offers you good results when you perform exercises with more than 12 reps. It’s risky to use heavier weights in the hands and knees, because your spine tends to get unstable if the movement isn’t properly executed and, consequently, it may cause some type of severe injury.

Now take notes of the exercises we’ve selected to include in your workout plan

1. Squat

It’s the king of exercises. Works the glutes, thighs, back and abs.

How to perform?

Standing, pick up the dumbbell and put it over your back (a little over the shoulders). Keep your feet shoulder-wide. Bend the knees ‘till your thighs make a 90º angle with your inner thigh. Go back to the initial position and repeat. Do not go down more than 90º so you don’t contract any injury in the lower back or knees.

2. Hip extensions on the ground

How to perform?

Stand with both knees and elbows on the ground. Keep the arms stretched. Raise the leg backwards until you fully perform a complete hip extension. Repeat the movement. You should keep the spine straight during the whole movement, not letting it balance when performing the movement with your leg. If you want more intensity, use ankle straps.

3. Barbell squats

How to perform?

Standing, keep your legs shoulder-wide, arms stretched alongside the body and with a barbell on each hand. Bend your knees and, at the same time, do a movement backwards as if you were going to sit. The knees should not go over the line at the toe-tips. Do the movement again slowly.

4. Hip abduction

How to perform?

Lie down on the side, supporting your arms on the ground, bend the leg that’s underneath and stretch the other one, diagonally. Raise the leg that’s on top until it goes through the hip line (70º angle). Go back to the initial position and switch sides at the end of the set.

5. Lunges

This exercise works both glutes: while one of them stretches the other one contracts. If you want to make this exercise harder, perform it supporting your foot on a fitball. Another way of increasing its difficulty is to hold one barbell in each hand.

How to perform?

Put your foot on a bench or fitball. Bend the knee of the foot that’s on the floor until you get a 90º angle with your thigh or calf.

6. Hip Bridge

How to perform?

Lie on the floor with your arms extended. Slightly move the legs away from each other and bend the knees so you can take the glutes off the floor. Stay in suspension for about 2 seconds and go back down without touching the floor.

7. Unilateral deadlift with weight

How to perform?

Standing, hold a barbell in one of the hands. Put the other hand behind your back. The leg that’s on the opposite side of the barbell should be slightly positioned backwards, with the tip of the snicker touching the ground. Slightly bend your knee, move your torso forward and move the other leg backwards, using the barbell to compensate.

Don’t forget to stretch before and after working out to relax the muscles and to prevent joint pain. Each stretch should last between 20 to 30 seconds.

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Two examples:

1. For the low back and glutes.

Lie down and put your knees next to your chest, touching it with the whole thigh. Fell the glutes and the back stretching.

2. For the glutes and outer thigh muscles.

Sit down with your legs fully stretched. Cross one leg over the other. The foot should stand perpendicular to your hip. Put your elbow behind the knee, so it helps you turn to the side and stretch looking to the other side. Go back to the initial position and switch sides.


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