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It’s time to eliminate once and for all the belly rolls installed around your waist. You don’t know where to begin? Well, the first step is to adopt new habits, selecting rigorously all the foods that can make part of your diet and avoid making mistakes. Restrict, essentially, the consumption of carbohydrates and don’t forget to drink a lot of water (approximately 2 to 3L a day) which is essential to hydrate the organism, the skin, and a very good option to eliminate toxins and diminish water retention. So, being careful with what you eat is primordial and working out is an important complement because it accelerates the metabolism, helps you burn fat and toning your muscles.

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You’re mistaken if you think you can lose belly fat with just a series of abs. That type of exercise does not burn enough calories to eliminate the fat located around your belly. However, it does help you strengthen and defining your abdomen. The truth is that, in order to lose weight, you need to combine aerobic and anaerobic exercises which will burn more fat, besides following a hypocaloric diet in this phase.

But how can you do it even faster? It’s simple. Following the interval training. It has been proved that HIIT reduces abdominal fat. A study developed with obese people showed that this method is very efficient to reduce intra-abdominal and visceral fat.

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Take note of the most efficient exercises and circuits you can add to you workout plan to burn abdominal fat and strengthen the muscles:

– Burpees

Burpee is a full body exercise used in strength and aerobic functional trainings.

Burpee might be the best ally to develop cardio conditioning and to burn calories and lose body fat. It is a full body workout, increases the heart rate and can make part of high intensity interval training.

How to do it correctly:

– Drop into a squat position.

– put your harms on the ground in front of your body and kick your feet to the back, staying in plank position.

– do a push-up.

– return your feet to the squat position. Elevate the trunk and jump up with your arms over your head.


Maximise the fat loss following this workout scheme:

Tabata training

1st interval – 20 sec burpees

10 sec rest

2nd interval – 20 sec burpees

10 sec rest

3rd interval – 20 sec burpees

10 sec rest

4th interval – 20 sec burpees

10 sec rest

5th interval – 20 sec burpees

10 sec rest

6th interval – 20 sec burpees

10 sec rest

7th interval – 20 sec burpees

10 sec rest

8th interval – 20 sec burpees

10 sec rest

Repeat the circuit, if you can.

After an aerobic of HIIT, work your core from different angles. The second circuit joins 5 exercises which must be executed in less than 2 minutes. Do 20 reps each.

Running man

Lying on the ground, execute the movement, as fast as you can, as if you were running.

running man

Sideup (right side)

To increase difficulty and maintain balance, the hand which is not supporting can be raised up.

side plank

Plank to pushup

Place yourself in plank position, with your forearms on the ground. Next, support a hand on the ground and then the other, as if you were going to do a push-up. Undo the movement and repeat the sequence.

When performing this movement, you must concentrate the strength on your abdominal zone.

plank walkup pushup

Sideup (left side)

To increase difficulty and maitain the balance, the supporting hand can be lifted up.

side plank

Cross-body mountain climbers

Place yourself in push-up position. Raise your knee to your chest (right leg towards your left shoulder, and left leg towards your right shoulder), as if you were crossing.

crossbody mountain climbers

The fat around your abdomen is the hardest to burn. If you want to accelerate the metabolism and burn more calories, consider taking a thermogenic. Its effect will be even more efficient if you practice any physical activity frequently.

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