How to make a homemade gainer


Gainers were developed thinking about the individuals that want to increase their muscle mass and that have a hard time putting on weight:

1) for those who don’t take enough nutrients to stimulate the growth process of their muscles;

2) for those who have a fast metabolism, which makes the process harder;

3) for those who burn more calories than they take in. In order to gain consistency, that is, mass and volume, you should follow a caloric diet and complement it with an adequate gainer.

If hypercaloric supplements have the main function on the process of gaining weight, why isn’t it enough to just eat more?

People who need to gain weight have the tendency to choose foods that are high in fat, hoping the get immediate and efficient results (ex: pastries, fry foods, sauces, fast food, etc). Well, this may not be the best path because it has health risks associated and anyone can get exposed to them.

You can stick to a balanced diet and take a good supplement that offers an extra amount of healthy calories that help you reach your goal (increase muscle mass) without putting your health at stake. Hypercaloric supplements will allow you to find balance between a good diet and the gain of weight, besides the fact that they will provide energy and improve your endurance during the workouts.

Hypercaloric supplements don’t need to be taken exclusively by people who normally engage themselves in more than one physical activity or people that, inevitably, have an above-normal caloric expenditure. This supplement can also be used by people who, for instance, is in the cutting phase – you just need to adjust the amount of the product to the nutritional requirements you have.

The main worry for athletes who use this supplement is to be able to make up for the lack of calories and to stop weight and lean muscle mass loss. It is also important to point out the fact that it isn’t convenient to saturate the organism with an excess of foods in their natural/solid state, because it may cause some gastrointestinal problems. That said, hypercaloric supplements play an important role as they complement athletes’ diets, providing the essential macronutrients. It is obvious that a good diet will not just comprise the use of hypercaloric supplements, but you should only take this supplement when necessary, always giving priority to foods.

In spite of being effective, hypercaloric supplements generate controversial opinions because there’s a chance of body fat accumulation during and after its usage. Usually, that happens if the supplement isn’t adjusted to your diet plan, whether it has to do with a wrong product choice or with the amounts taken. If you know how to take the best out of your supplement, you will have a great ally.

What are the benefits?

1. High bioavailability of macro and micronutrients.

Hypercaloric supplements are composed by different amounts and combinations of nutrients, varying accordingly to the product’s brand. Among the most common ones, in the carbohydrate category, you can find, for instance: maltodextrin and dextrose. There are a few products with the addition of oat and other low glycemic index carbs. In the category of proteins, you can find several types of Whey Protein (concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzed), amino acids, casein, egg albumen, among others. To add to these are also essential and non-essential fat acids and, finally, vitamins and minerals. Every ingredient has an easy assimilation, digestion and absorption, making the high nutritional value of the hypercaloric supplement really worth it. The advantage is that you can give all the nutrients a good use. Try to choose products that don’t contain a big amount of nutrient drop, with low percentages of protein and high in carbs, so that you can take the best out of your supplement.

2. Enhance muscle mass gains.

By taking in more calories, your body will be able to synthetize all of the protein and use it for muscle recovery, stimulating tissue growth as well. Besides that, hypercaloric supplements are high in vitamins and minerals, which, besides helping with the process related to an increase in muscle mass, is also important for the enzyme and molecule activity, as well as in other body structures.

3. Promote an energy increase.

Due to the great amount of carbs, your body will hardly have an energy deficit.

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How to take?

Inadequate or unnecessary usage can have an unwanted effect – the accumulation of fat. To avoid this, you should use the hypercaloric supplement only when you wake up, before and after working out. If you use Whey Protein and dextrose after working out, then choose to take the hypercaloric supplement only when you wake up and before the physical activity.

– Why to take it when you wake up?

At that moment of the day, your body needs nutrients and is at a catabolic state. By taking the hypercaloric supplement, you will immediately stop the catabolic process.

– Why to take it before working out?

To avoid energetic deprivation while you work out, add one serving with water or milk, about 30 minutes before working out.

– Why to take after working out?

To have a better recovery and to stimulate the growth of muscle tissues.

– Can I do my own gainer at home?

Yes. It can cost you a little bit more to buy every ingredient you need than to buy your gainer, but it’s a good way to vary your diet. 

Take note of everything you will need to do a quick and easy homemade gainer, without artificial sweeteners.


350ml of chocolate soy milk/ almond milk 

1 scoop of Whey Protein (primary protein source) 

100gr of oat (Slowly digested carbs)

1 banana (Rapidly digested carbs)

2 serving spoons of cocoa

5/6 nuts (healthy fat)


Gather all the ingredients and mix them for about 2 minutes in a blender.
You can take it in the morning, at mid-morning and as an afternoon snack. It is not advisable to drink it after working out, due to the considerable amount of fat.

Nutritional value of this shake:

Proteins: 60g
Carbs: 128g
Fats: 30g
Calories: 1022


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