The end of summer: 10 reasons for you to continue training during fall


As the colder months get near, it is more and more difficult to keep your routine and going to the gym. The cold weather makes you lazier and your will to go out and reaches levels so low that even you won’t recognize yourself.  Adding to this seasonal behavior, you feel the need to eat all that you managed to avoid during all these last months and a will to stay in front of TV, sitting on the couch. You’re constantly demotivated and, consequently, you become careless. Nevertheless, you know what they say: exercising is an essential part of a healthy life style, regardless of the season. You ought to have at least 150 minutes to practice some sport along the 5 week days.

You know that if you practice sport on a regular basis, you will be able to keep depressive symptoms, negative thoughts, bad humor, stress, anxiety and the lack of sexual desire away? GoSuper will give you 10 motives so that the short, grey and cold days of the year won’t win.

1. You’ll be more eager to work.

You will have more energy for your daily tasks. When you sweat during your training, you will release endorphin, the hormone that causes a feeling of well-being and pleasure. After having started, you will get used to it and your brain will want more. Obligation becomes pleasure. Moreover, endorphin will help you fight stress, anxiety and PMS, for women.

2. You’ll escape the routine.

Work, domestic chores, the kids and all the responsibilities, are all consequences of a busy life and you must have a break, every once and a while. Going to the gym, doing a group class or going out to go for a walk near to where you live is a good way to make a change of scenery, free yourself from worries and regain strength.

3. You’ll fight seasonal flus.

The physical activity increases immunity. Practicing a sport during winter can be a good way to avoid undesired flus.

4. You’ll burn calories.

With a lower temperature, the metabolism works faster to maintain body heat. If your goal is to loose weigh, keep training during this period because it will be easier for you to do that. According to a study by the American University of Sport Medicine, an institution that coordinates the rules of exercising in the United States, a person who loses up to 4lb per month has less chances of regaining them. Therefore, in six months, it is possible for you to lose up to 26lb, in a healthy way.

5. You’ll keep your strength and definition.

It’s very motivating to get some compliments and to realize that you’re admired by others. However, this is not a matter of willpower. In addition, concerning strength exercises, there are supplements to gain muscles that will help you attend your goal. Supplements will work as a stimulus as you build your dream body, for they’ll give you energy, help you recover and speed up your results.

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6. You’ll keep your physical shape.

When you stop training, your body goes back to its original «shape» in only two weeks. This problem is caused by the interruption of the enzymes responsible for the maintaining the increase of muscles. When you don’t really feel like going out to exercise, make yourself do it! It’s important not to miss a beat. Moreover, bad blood circulation is one of health’s worst villains. To fight the swelling and fluid retention, there is nothing better than to exercise often.

7. You will feel good about yourself.

It’s true that the results take a while until they are visible. However, when you begin to train, your self-esteem transforms. Automatically, you will feel more attractive, even if you don’t see significant differences. Also, you will always be full of energy. The same thing applies to those who have been training for a long time; the wellbeing feeling will keep you motivated.

8. You can eat sweets without feeling guilty.

If you exercise 3 to 4 times a week, you can eat one or two sweets (but don’t exaggerate), with no conscience problems.

9. Your lungs will help you.

When you exercise, there is a normal cardiac acceleration. In this process, you will also increase your breathing rhythm and your lungs are the ones who win. Control your breathing and don’t forget: breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

10. You will eliminate the excess.

Exercise will increase the metabolism and improve your body’s functions, including your digestive tract.

A few tips that will help you keep up:

• Having a friend that motivates you and that never lets you miss classes;

• Making a semestral training plan or having a mini-gym at your house;

• Establish a timetable for the physical activity that adapts to your routine;

• Change your exercise plan every once and a while to avoid that your body adapts to exercises and that they are too dull;

• Listen to music during your training. Music stimulates you and makes you train with more conviction;


Did you know that you have more risk of having physical injuries during the cold season? In order to avoid that we recommend that you work your articulations, your ligaments and muscles correctly to avoid injuries. Don’t forget to warm up before training because, in this season, muscles take longer to get to the ideal temperature to exercise. When you finish, like always, stretch and do some light aerobic exercises.

If you want to have a fit body next summer, don’t forget there are only 9 months left!


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