How does the Soup Diet work?


The Soup Diet has won a lot of supporters in the last few years, because of the good results it lets you achieve in a short period of time. However, it is a type of diet that causes some controversy among the nutrition experts. Some see it as a good and healthy alternative to lose weight with immediate results; others think it is not that healthy since some vital nutrients are not included on the diet plan. Despite the opposite opinions, this secure and efficient diet is used by millions of people and its rules aren’t likely to damage the health of the individuals.

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Follow the coordinates:

– Actually, this is a short duration diet; therefore, it presents no risks. One of the rules consists in not doing it for more than seven days, the required period of time to eliminate the toxins and accumulated residues. Besides it will also lower your cholesterol, uric acid and facilitate the intestinal transit. If you want to lengthen the diet up to ten days, you can do it by stopping the consumption of soup in the middle of the diet which will make room for other important foods and to avoid getting sick of soup.

– The soup must be homemade, high on fibres, vitamins, mineral salts and other essential nutrients. The instant soup you can get at the supermarket must be avoided because it may contain additives and fats deriving from the processed broths.

– As in any other diet, the results will only appear if you commit yourself to follow the rules. So, you must eliminate the consumption of foods with sugar, greasy meats, refined cereals, sweets, fried foods, bread, alcohol, soft drinks, etc.

– You cannot starve. You can eat soup every time you want to. Soup must be the main course in every meal and it will be the replacement for the heavier foods. The weight loss will vary from person to person but you can lose up to 8,8 pounds in a week.

– You can drink water, coffee and teas, preferably without sugar.

Tip number 1: While on diet you must be careful with some aspects such as: preventing skin laxness. That’s why you need to workout before, while and after going on this diet. Use also an extra-firming cream and drink a lot of water to hydrate your skin.


– Choose tow or three types of soup to eat during the diet. Choose light legumes and vegetables and don’t add any type of fats.

One of the most popular soups is the cabbage soup, but you can create your own version using other light ingredients.

For example

Cabbage soup recipe:

6 big onions;

2 green or red peppers;

8 tomatoes;

1 cabbage;

1 celery sauce;

Salt, laurel, and pepper;

Homemade meat stock.


2 garlic teeth;

2 carrots.

To prepare the homemade stock you must:

Clean the skin and fat of the meat. Place it on a stove pot with a glass of water, an onion, a garlic tooth, a laurel leaf, a parsley twig, a tiny bit of salt and let the meat cook. After cooking it, you must strain the stock and add it to the recipe.

Add the legumes and vegetables chopped down into pieces as wells as the meat stock to a pot with boiling water. When it’s cooked, use an immersion blender. You can eat the soup either hot, which might be best to satiate you, or cold, used as a vegetable drink.

The seven day plan


On the first day you can eat as much soup and fruit as you like. Recommended fruits: pineapple, kiwi and orange. You can also drink fruit juice, water and/or tea.


Eat green leaf vegetables: chards, spinaches, lettuce. They can be eaten raw, for example on salads, or cooked using steam. You can season them with a spoon of olive oil. At dinner, besides soup, you can eat a small or medium roasted potato.


Eat fruits and vegetables, exclude the potato.


Eat only bananas (minimum 3 and maximum 6) and have skimmed milk.


Eat tomatoes (6 raw or grilled) and white meat, grilled or boiled, it can be skinless chicken or turkey (500g maximum). You can also replace the meat for fish. Drink a lot of water to hydrate the organism and remove toxins.


Eat meat (2 or 3 medium steaks) or lean fish and green leaf vegetables. You can combine the food from the 2nd and 4th days, except potato and tomato.


You can eat brown rice with green leaf vegetables and natural juices of vegetables and/or fruits.

Tip number 2: After going on this diet, don’t be careless about what you eat. It is easy to regain weight after a short term diet, because the temptation to go back to the old habits is bigger after the abstinence period.

Tip number 3: After those seven days, introduce the carbohydrates gradually because your body might assimilate them very quickly.

Tip number 4: After finishing the diet, use this soup at dinner or as an appetizer for other meals. This way you will be able to maintain your weight.

Tip number 5: After completing the diet and going back to your re-education plan, you can use a fat burner that will help you eliminate the extra fat.


If you have any doubts, you must seek medical advise.


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