What is TRX?


TRX – suspension training – can be used individually or in a group and focuses on the execution of exercises with your body weight, one of the best methods to strengthen and tone every muscle, promoting the stabilization of the joints and providing efficient results, regardless of your physical condition. You only need free space around you. The exercises are performed with a simple suspension anchor strap (adjustable and resistant). It is Y-shaped and one of the strap’s ends is secured to the wall, the ceiling or to some fix object, and the two elastic bands (that contain two rings), are used to support your hands or feet. The equipment can be used by people of any age and doesn’t require the usage of additional weights, because the exercise’s level of difficulty is controlled by you, through the body’s inclination angle.

What are the benefits of the TRX system?

1. Improves your posture and coordination;

2. Improves muscular, static and dynamic balance;

3. Strengthens the spine;

4. Increases the efficiency of the moves;

5. Helps with the athletes’ recovery process;

6. Provides a high caloric expenditure. You can lose between 300 to 700 calories in about half an hour;

7. Develops cardiorespiratory ability and the core muscles, located in the abdomen, quads and lower back, in a way that helps to balance and stabilize the body;

8. Works the strength and the resistance;

9. Works muscle flexibility and definition (recommended for people who do not have as a goal muscular hypertrophy);

10. This system ensures that the athlete does not use more weight than he/she can tolerate, which would put him/her at risk for severe injuries, and that may happen in a hypertrophy workout if it is not well-oriented.

11. The workout’s effect starts showing up faster than it normally does when you enroll yourself in other activities. The workout is complete and pretty intense, and if it is performed three times per week it is possible to start seeing results in flexibility after a period of 30 to 45 days.

12. Ideal to complement with a strength training like martial arts, dancing, Pilates, military workout, physical therapy, among others.

In addition to these benefits, you also have the advantage of being able to carry the equipment with you and work out anywhere you want. All it takes is to strap it around a fix structure, at the gym, park or at home. You can also take it with you when you travel, because it weighs about 1kg.

Recommendation: If you have any type of muscular or joint injury you should seek the advice of a doctor before starting a TRX workout plan. If you don’t know the methods used in these exercises, chose to participate in a few group classes or talk to a personal trainer.

Three basic TRX exercises:

If you are sticking to you muscular hypertrophy plan, one day a week of suspension training may help you work your balance, flexibility, coordination and work you muscle definition. If you goal is to lose fat, an interleaved routine with TRX will stimulate muscle mass gains and weight loss.

TRX Suspended Pike from Hands

This is one of the most recommended exercises to develop the core’s stability and strength, because it helps the quads and the oblique muscles.

How to perform?

Lie on your side and strap your feet on the anchor. Support your elbow on the floor, at an angle of 90º, and raise your quads while stretching your legs. Maintain a correct posture, that is, the torso should be completely aligned with the neck and quads and abdomen contracted during the exercise’s execution.

Start with 3 sets of 30 seconds to each side, twice a week. Increase the time every week until you can perform the exercise for about 1 minute.

TRX Triceps

Positioning: Turn you back to the place where the TRX is strapped to. Hold the straps with the palms of your hands facing down, the arms stretched at the level of your forehead and the feet slightly apart.

How to perform?

With your body slightly inclined, keep your back straight, arms stretched and hands next to each other. Then flex your elbows, bending your body forward, and pull your hands in the direction of your forehead. Perform 3 sets of 12 reps.

Tip:  Put your body weight on the straps evenly during the whole movement.

Triceps on step: with your ankles suspended on the straps, sit down on the step and support your hands close to your quads and stretch your legs, but slightly bending them. Perform 3 sets of 12 reps.

TRX Hamstring Runner

Positioning: Adjust the TRX to make the rings stand at 20-40cm from the ground. Lie on the ground, belly up, with your arms on the side of your body and the palms of your hands on the floor. Place your ankles inside the rings and keep your feet together right above the TRX fixation point. Press your ankles down, using your abs and glutes to raise the quads, to form a straight line with your body from your shoulders to your ankles.

How to perform?

Move your right ankle towards your glutes, keeping your quads raised and squeeze your glutes. Undo the position and repeat the movement with your left leg.
Perform the exercise for about 30 seconds, switching legs and putting the same amount of pressure in both ankles that you are pushing against the elastic bands.

Tip: To increase intensity, step away from the fixation point before you start the exercise. Beginners can perform the exercise with their glutes on the ground.


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