Crossfit: A WOD a day to help you burn more calories III


We keep on testing your abilities and challenging you every month, with the Crossfit’s WODs. After the WOD FRAN and the WOD ANGIE, you’ve got to face another challenge: the WOD BARBARA.

The WOD Barbara is a great HIIT because you can rest for about 3 minutes between each set. You’ve got to complete 5 sets, respecting the sequence of the exercises. This WOD consists of bar raises, pushups, abs and squats. You’re only going to need a bar and your body weight.


Add the times from each round (not counting your rest periods) to get your total time. If you cannot yet do the full number of each exercise (for instance, 20 pull-ups), then simply do as many as you can and record the number. Now you have something extra to work on.

20 Bar Raises

30 Pushups

40 Abs

50 Squats

Time (average):

34:00 – 37:00 minutes

Challenge: Try to break the following records:

Men: 08:36

Women: 16:36

You can also take a look at this video:

FAQs about Crossfit:

What are the most frequent injuries in Crossfit?

Both beginners and pros face the following injuries: spine injuries, as a consequence of a bad execution of the exercise or bad posture; shoulders, due to an exaggerated movement or lack of control of the articulation; and muscles: they’re the most frequent, but the less severe ones.

Tips to avoid injuries:

– Never use an inadequate load (one that you can’t control)

– Gain “body conscience”. If possible, perform every exercise in front of the mirror to better realize your physical condition and the movements so you can correct them, in case you need to. Another way of improving your body conscience is to divide the exercises. At the beginning, do every exercise with a reduced load to help your muscle receptors get used to the stimuli.

– Do specific shoulder stretching, taking into account that a tension overload is also bad for you: in a scale of 1 to 10, you should move between 6 and 7. Use elastic bands to stretch.

– To decrease muscle tension and relax, massage your muscles and tendons with a little ball or choose to get a professional massage.

How’s a Crossfiter diet?

Their meal plan should be based on a composition of 30% protein, as lean as possible, 40% low glycemic index carbs and 30% lipids, mainly monounsaturated fats. Avoid the consumption of high glycemic index carbs, because this type of foods translates into a disorganized insulin answer by the body, as well as sugars. Give preference to foods like: fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seed, and dried fruits.

You should also choose the best supplements to add to your diet and Crossfit workouts


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