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The summer is just around the corner and if your problem is having no time to work out, there are no more excuses. Crossfit is the type of high intensity workout to reduce the percentage of fat, develop strength and resistance with varied exercises without having to waste too much time every day. Besides these and other benefits, a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse’s, has recently revealed that women can burn, on average, about 12 calories per minute when they’re doing a Crossfit workout, which corresponds to 720 calories in 60 minutes. They can also maintain the heart rate during the whole workout.

Besides being a challenging workout, it is not boring at all. The WOD (Workout of the Day) is different every day and usually varies between 5 – 20 minutes.

Why are the WODs not repeated?

The body gets rapidly used to any type of physical exercise with repetitive movements and that changes its efficacy over the time, because it stops producing the results you wanted in your body. The trick to improve your physical skills is to constantly challenge your body in different ways, through distinct exercises, varied intensity and different times.

How many times should I work out per week?

The frequency of the workout is up to you and varies from one person to the other. A Crossfit athlete may work out twice or even 6 times per week. If you’re a beginner though, you can just start by working out two or three times and gradually increase the frequency of your workouts.

Who can try Crossfit?

Anyone can do the following plan, regardless of their physical preparation. The Crossfit’s greatest advantage comparing to other methods is that, by doing it, you become an “above average” person when it comes to your physical abilities. You’ll be able to run faster, jump higher, lift heavier loads for long distances, acquire more explosion and quickness in every daily move.

Today’s WOD is a good test for you to find out if you’re in shape or not. Ready?


Complete, as fast as you can, three blocks of 2 exercises each, using, for each one, the following rep numbers: 21-15-9, accordingly to the block. Register how much time it took you to complete the exercise. The load you use in the bar may vary accordingly to your physical level.

Note: The more you improve your technique and develop your Crossfit performance, the less time it’ll take you to complete the WOD. By writing down your times, you’ll be able to see your evolution, because the time it takes you to finish a workout now won’t certainly be the same in two months time, in case you want to repeat this WOD.

> 21 Barbell Thrusters (40kg)
> 21 Pull-Ups
> 15 Barbell Thrusters (40kg)
> 15 Pull-Ups
> 9 Barbell Thrusters (40kg)
> 9 Pull-Ups

Tip 1: The recommended weight for the Barbell Thrusters is 40kg and it should include the weight of the bar, that is, if the bar weighs 10kg, you should use 15kg on each side. However, in case you’re a beginner, you can use a lighter load to be able to complete the exercise.

Tip 2: A rep of the Barbell Thrusters is only complete when your thigh is parallel to the floor (when lowering the bar) and your arms stretch (when raising the bar). When doing Pull-Ups, you only complete a rep when your arms are stretched (while lowering the bar) and your chin is over the bar (while raising the bar).

Tip 3: If you need to, you can slow down or even stop the exercise you’re doing to catch your breath, but keep in mind that the clock keeps ticking!

Beginner: 10:00
Intermediate: 10:00-4:30
Advanced: 4:30 – 3:00
Elite Level: 3:00 or less

You can also take a look at this video:


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